Dana Gordon

Upcoming retrospective: "Dana Gordon: Painting 1968-2018", Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY, March 2019

Ongoing online gallery: Ideelart.com

Recent solo show at Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France, September 2018

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"Unknown Unknowns", 2018, 48"h x 60"
Part of New Series for Sept 2018 Paris show

On the Paris show: Dana Gordon in Paris - New Abstract Painting from New York

Video of the Paris show: click here

David Cohen (art critic, editor of Artcritical.com) on the video: "Lucky Paris"

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"#4", 2017-18, 48"h x 36"

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Solo show of new paintings at Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, May 2017

Essay in Painters' Table by James Panero (Exec. Ed., The New Criterion), 4/29/2017

Art Critical, Dana Gordon, Sideshow, by David Cohen, May 6, 2017

Interview in Ideelart Magazine, May, 2017

Delicious Line, Review by Ann Saul, May, 2017

Film of exhibition by Bill Page, May, 2017

Travelmag: 10 Must See Galleries in Williamsburg

Dana Gordon at Sideshow: Kenophobia, by Piri Halasz, 5/26/2017


"Light Years", 2015-16, 60"h x 72"w, oil on canvas (private collection)



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Solo show at Andre Zarre Gallery, Nov 2014
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"Endless Painting 1", 2014, 78"h x 60"w, oil on canvas (private collection)

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installation views, Andre Zarre Gallery, 2014

Essay, 2014, at Painters' Table:
"The Late 1960s: Working for Tony Smith and George Sugarman"

"Some Talmud", 2012, oil on canvas, 78"h x 60"w

Acquired by the Brooklyn Museum, 2013
Exhibited in Sideshow Gallery, April-May, 2013

Reviews of 2013 Sideshow show:
--�Dana Gordon & John Mendelsohn: NewPaintings�, The New Criterion, Gallery Chronicle by James Panero:
--"New Paintings at Sideshow", Huffington Post, by D. Dominick Lombardi:

Richard Timperio / Dana Gordon / Sideshow Gallery, 2013

"Balancing Act", 2012, oil on canvas, 78x60inches
(shown, as "untitled", in spring 2013 exhibition at Sideshow Gallery)

"What Only Painting Can Do", a 2012 appreciation of Dana Gordon
by James Panero, executive editor and art critic, The New Criterion

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Dana Gordon by Alice Neel, 1972
Dana Gordon by Alice Neel 1972

photo at top of website, Dana Gordon 2016, by Annie Brumbaugh

email: 1danagordon@gmail.com