Dana Gordon< >1988-89 paintings
Dana Gordon         
paintings 1988-89

materials are black oil-based enamel house paint and quarried pure white sand (probably white granite or limestone), poured on the canvas on the floor, unless otherwise noted. Size is in inches.

1. 79x49

2. 24x30

3. 20x24

4. 30x24

5.  76x83

6.  72x80

7.  74x72

8.  66x112

9.  72x82 oil on sized, unprimed linen

10.  108 inches height; oil and bronze paint and white sand

11.  50x48, bronze paint, black paint, white sand

12.  78x82, black enamel, bronze paint, white sand

13.  48x84 black enamel, red rust proofing paint, white sand

15.  76x82 oil on heavy weave linen

16.  56x48m oil and beach sand

17.  76x78

18.  83x78

19.  24x30 enamel and sand on paper

20.  11x84, oil on sheet metal

21.  30x24

22.  30x24

23.  30x24

24.  30x28 inches

25.  30x24

26.  30x24