Dana Gordon - Published writing

1. Art reviews published in DL-Delicious Line, internet magazine, 2019-2020:

2. Essay (Nov 2014) at Painters' Table, internet magazine:
    Link: "The Late 1960s: Working for Tony Smith and George Sugarman"

3. Link
to "Justice to Pissarro," by Dana Gordon,
    feature essay on the artist Camille Pissarro,
    published in Commentary magazine, October 2005

     Link: "Justice to Pissarro," republished in Painters Table, internet magazine, 2013, illustrated;

4. Link: to "Pissarro's People" by Dana Gordon,
    the Jerusalem Post Magazine, October, 2011

5. Link:
to "An Intimate Exhibition That Rewards the Keen Eye,"
    by Dana Gordon, review of exhibition of Camille Pissarro at the
    Jewish Museum, published in the Wall Street Journal , October 17, 2007

6.  Link: to "Age on Stage," by Dana Gordon, review of Alvin Epstein
   as King Lear, at LaMama, published in the New York Sun , August 6, 2006

. Selected Letters and Essays:

     A. Link: to letters
in the NY Times et al

     B. Link: to a public lecture by Dana Gordon given at the New York Studio School, 1999:
    "Faux Populi/False Art: Post Modernism and Mass Cultural Suicide"